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From the pen of S. L. Emslie

Words. Versatile, expressive, motivating and educative; as these qualities combine they shape one of the very foundations of our society.

Words form the building blocks of our conversations and letters; thus, the tranferal of ideas. Nearly everything in existence has a multitude of words pertaining to some aspect of it.

Furthermore, with the merest of tools - pen and paper - words can become the finest artform. A story. A poem. A single thought. In the hands of a writer, words paint a picture solely for the mind and stories become the ink of imagination. For what are our very lives if not a chronicle penned by the Author of Life.


I invite you into this journal I am composing of my thoughts, poems, and writings. Feel free to brew a rich cup of coffee or tea and join me in this world of literature.

Besides my own work, I will also be sharing some other features such as Recommendations (interactive), Book Reviews, Author Bios, and many more as the site develops.

This site is a dedication to my friends and family, all of whom I deeply cherish! Thank you for your love and support. A special thanks to my close Friend and Saviour, Jesus Christ, without whom I would never know the amazing power of grace and secret of true life.



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